XIS Services


Training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviors to enhance the performance.

XIS can provide training to you on each segment of profession behaviour (Soft Skill) and technical skills (Technology) that meets the IT crieteria of your business.

Why training is required:

For decades now – centuries, arguably – training has been seen as something that supports the workforce. This position stems largely from the perception that training is an extension of education. Since education has been traditionally viewed as a system of supporting human growth and development, IT training has slid conveniently, some might say logically, into this existing groove of thinking.

Indian Business:

The Indian Business sector is growing at a very fast pace & companies needs resources who are specialized in all forms. Training is no longer optional. It’s not an enhancer, a supporter, or a nice to have thing. In the 21st century, an organization’s capacity to effectively train its people is part of its ability to survive. And if that capacity isn’t there – or if it’s defective – then the organization itself will reveal that flaw in a number of destructive ways, including loss of bottom line profits.

Soft Skill Training

Business Management


Customer Service

Human Resources


Performance Management

Sales Skilss

Stay Positive

Team Building

Technology Training (Basic for Users)

Basic OS Troubleshooting

XIS Product based training

Internet Usage and Guidelines Training

Technology Training (Advanced for IT Corporates and Programmers)

Microsoft .NET (ASP, VB, C#)

PHP with MySQL

Crystal Reports



Rational Tools

Change Management

Quality Control and Testing

Social Meadia Marketing

Social Media Marketing and SEO
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