XIS Services


We welcome local and international companies who are looking for ideal deal for offshoring their IT, BPO business.

Setting up an offshore partnership can save reduce operational expenses drastically and with less costs you can easily use your savings and improve your operations. Going offshore allows you to have more investment opportunities. Doing business as an offshore company brings a lot of advantages to your business.

IT outsourcing gives you both strategic and tactical advantages.

>>You receive access to extra resources, including high-class IT specialists. Due to constant growth and the complexity of innovational solutions in the IT business, the cost of work of highly skilled specialists steadily increases. Outsourcing makes the resources more affordable for many companies.

>>You can react quickly and adapt to the changes in the marketplace.

>>Along with getting high quality software adapted for your specific needs, you receive support and maintenance by the software outsourcing company.

>>You can cut your investments in non-capital assets. Outsourcing allows you to redistribute your investments and move the funds into strategically promising directions, saving on secondary ones.

>>Your overhead costs are decreased. Hiring an outsourcing company for your IT projects means you do not have to hire your own professionals - no salary, no salary-related taxes, no extra working places, no employee training.

>>You can take advantage of someone else's experience. Outsourcing companies have experience of solving similar tasks, so they can apply most modern technologies and highly qualified personnel to complete your project.

>>Advanced technologies. A specialized IT company always is abreast of new developments on the IT market.

>>An outsourcing company gives you a guarantee of professional responsibility.

>>As per one of the analysts forecast, more than 80% of companies will use an IT outsourcing service in the next 5 years. The analysts also note that India has become one of the world's leaders in IT outsourcing. Despite the strong price competition, Indian programmers have significant advantages over the programmers from other countries.

>>Today, many companies, big and small are choosing to go offshore. Additionally, with the recent advancements in communication, it is not difficult to manage companies even when you are far away. You can still keep in touch without having to travel much.

Xtream InfoSystems have the experience to provide solutions for the most complicated tasks. We let our customers concentrate on running their business and leave their competitors behind by applying high quality software solutions developed to fit their specific needs.

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