XIS Services


Applications drive business processes and require intensive testing to make sure they do everything you need them to do. XIS offers a level of application testing and support that fits the risk model of your business.

When you think of Xtream InfoSystems, you probably think of development but we can assist you beyond. Our experts can work with yours to determine how a particular formulation will coat, cure and perform on your substrate under a variety of process conditions.

With application testing support from XIS, you can:

Take new products from pilot to scale-up to full production more quickly and cost effectively

Improve your productivity and throughput

Reduce your scrap and material waste

Reduce your operating costs and improve your profitability

Enhance your product’s quality, reliability and end-use performance


Commercialize new products more quickly and cost effectively

Engage dedicated resources focused on meeting timelines

Improve customer satisfaction

Strategic approach to application testing

A knowledgeable use of application testing methodologies, techniques, tools, and technologies helps

to maximize the return on your investment in a particular solution. We have extensive experience defining use case scenarios (including regression testing), and then designing, planning, and executing (including automated delivery) application test cases and scripts that ensure quality.

Comprehensive support

We provide a full range of post-launch application support services, including:

•Production support

•Application maintenance

•Enhancement management

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